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  • Roulette Glossary

    Increase your edge at the roulette tables with this handy roulette glossary.  From American to European Roulette, we've got you covered.


    Roulette Terms You Need to Know

    American Roulette Wheel: A wheel that has both a “single-zero” (0) and a “double-zero” (00).

    Ball: The small white sphere, made of either ivory or plastic, that rolls around the wheel and falls into a pocket. The roulette game starts when the ball starts rolling and stops when it lands in a pocket.

    Black Bet: A roulette bet that wins if the result is a black number.  A winning black bet pays even money.

    Column Bet: A bet that will win if the ball lands within a selected column of numbers. Winning bets pay 2:1.

    Croupier: This is another word for the “dealer” in a roulette game.

    Double-Zero Wheel: This is another name for the American roulette version.

    En prison: Also known as surrender, the En Prison is only offered in European versions of the game. When betting even money (i.e. - odd/even or red/black bets) if the spin lands on 0, players either lose half their wager or keep the same bet for the next spin.

    Even Number Bet: Bet that wins if the number that the ball lands on is even.

    European Wheel: A wheel which only has the single-zero (0).

    Odd Number Bet: Bet that wins if the number that the ball lands on is odd.

    Red Bet: Bet that wins if the result is a red number.


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