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  • Does Taking Titanic Risks Pay Off?

    Published on February 3, 2014


    Take a minute and try to estimate the value of all your worldly possessions that you’ve spent your entire life accruing. Imagine the thrill you’d get out of instantly having double that amount. Then, ask yourself if you’d be willing to risk everything you own to double your net worth, all on the outcome of a single roulette spin. Well, one man did exactly that.

    Ashley Revell of the UK famously travelled to the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas to gamble his entire life’s savings on one spin of a roulette wheel. He placed a huge bet of approximately $136,000 on red. Check out the video to see what happened next.

    Responsible Gaming

    While Titan Casino is completely in favor of players having a good gamble and enjoying all of our entertaining casino games, we make it very clear that we only promote responsible gaming. We recommend that you set aside a budget (daily, weekly, or monthly) and then stick to it rather than taking excessive risks.

    Remember that while things happened to turn out well for Ashley Revell, his life could’ve taken a turn for the worse if he hadn’t gotten lucky. Instead of making just one bet with your entire bankroll, like Ashley did, you’ll get far more entertainment value out of making multiple smaller wagers when you play games like online roulette. Besides, at Titan Casino, it doesn’t take huge bets to get a six- or even seven-figure progressive jackpot payoff.

    We’re sure you’re curious how big our jackpots are, so why not download Titan Casino today and find out.

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