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  • Five Las Vegas Casino Secrets

    The majority of people who go to Las Vegas to play casino games are not recreational gamblers, the likes of whom tend to enjoy playing games like Fantastic Four slots online. Many don’t necessarily think strategically when they play casino games for while on the Strip. Most likely, they’ll be leaving the slots and gaming tables with wallets that are a lot lighter than when they started playing.

    However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re heading to Vegas for the first time or the hundredth time, you probably wouldn’t be opposed to having a better chance of walking away with a little profit – or even just being able to make your playing fund stretch out to cover the time you are in Sin City. We advise you to check out and learn the five Las Vegas casino secrets below.

    1. Play away from the Strip

    When you go to Vegas, part of the city’s appeal is walking or driving along the Las Vegas Strip, home to some of the biggest casinos in the world. But while the views may be astounding, if you want better value for your gambling dollar, this isn’t where you should be playing. These iconic casinos come with a premium attached – it’s more expensive to play here as the minimum bets tend to be higher and the overall payouts tend to be lower. Instead, you should head to the off-Strip casinos where the locals play, as that’s where you’ll get better value for your money. The casinos located in the Downtown area or perimeter of Las Vegas generally offer better player return odds than those on the Strip as this is what the local regular players want. This means that the payouts will be better and the minimum bets will be lower at the smaller casinos away from the Strip. It won’t guarantee you a winning session, but your money is likely to last a lot longer at the very least.


    2. Stretch out your gambling fund

    In order to get the most entertainment out of the money you take to gamble with in Vegas, you need to bear in mind three things: betting minimums, speed of play, and players’ return. It stands to reason that the smaller your average bet, the longer your playing fund (i.e., bankroll) will last. Choose games that offer the lowest minimum bets. If you choose to play fast-moving games, the house edge will work its way through your gambling fund that much more quickly. To stretch out your playing budget, choose games that are slower to play. You’ll probably lose less money this way (over time). The return on a game is also important, and is dependent on the house advantage or ‘edge’. Choosing games with a lower house edge means that the casino takes less of a (mathemacial) cut each time you play; thus, your funds will last longer.


    3. Be selective about the games you play

    It may seem that the easiest games to play in Vegas are the slots and video poker machines. However, while playing on the machines, if you’re not careful, you’ll be playing the games that have the highest house edge. If on the other hand you spend a little time getting a basic understanding of table games like blackjack before you arrive in Vegas, you’ll benefit from playing a game that offers a lot better odds for the players. In general, you’ll find better odds at the table games rather than at the machines, many of which give you the opportunity to win progressive jackpots.



    4. Become a players’ club member

    In the same way that you’d have a supermarket loyalty card or collect airline mileage points, you can sign up to a players’ club and benefit from freebies and promotions while gambling. All the casinos have their own players’ clubs and each time you play you should use your club card to add points to your players’ club total. This way, you’ll be able to cash those points in for promo vouchers on food and drink or entries to a free show. The bonuses you get through a players’ club are known as comps – short for complimentary. Even if you don’t actually gamble, just joining the players’ clubs can give you a few perks and freebies, so it’s still worth signing up to every one that you see. Check out the different casino websites and join before you go to Vegas.


    Incidentally, at an online casino like Titan Casino, the equivalent would be getting comp points that you could then convert into cash.


    5. Seek out the deals by paying in advance

    A week in Vegas can be a costly business, with temptations everywhere you look, but if you plan ahead you can benefit from some huge savings on accommodation costs. Decide where you want to stay while you’re in Vegas – and remember to check out distances on a map before booking anything. Many hotels will claim to be within walking distance of the Strip, but it all depends on how much time you want to spend walking! Book ahead online and you’ll save on hotel costs as well as entries to shows and attractions using Vegas promo codes. For the biggest savings in Vegas, a package deal is probably the best way to go.



    It’s also good to have covered off most of your costs before arriving in Vegas. That way, as long as you can stick to your gambling budget maximum, the cost of the trip has less opportunity to spiral out of control.


    Do you have any other great Las Vegas casino secrets you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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