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  • Most popular superhero slots vs Marvel superhero movies earnings

    Published on February 5, 2014

    Over the last few years, movie-goers, Marvel Comics fans, and online casino aficionados alike have all had a blast enjoying the numerous blockbuster Hollywood films and slot and scratch games that have come out, which tell the stories and bear the likenesses of popular superheroes. We’ve crunched the numbers and compiled a list of the most popular Marvel-themed slot games at Titan Casino. In this casino infographic, we compare the popularity of these superhero slots games to how well their cinematic counterparts fared during their opening weekend debuts in movie theaters around the world. As you scroll down the list, you may find that some of the facts and figures might surprise you.


    Infographic most popular Marvel superhero slots

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    It’s not that startling that Iron Man slots 3 sits atop our list of most popular superhero slots games. Notching an opening weekend haul of close to $175 million, Iron Man 3 nearly matched its production budget in those first few days alone! As for why that budget was so high in the first place the studio can thank Robert Downey Jr. , who has become synonymous with the role of Tony Stark. And speaking of Tony Stark, it might take the resources of a billionaire like him to fund the next big screen Iron Man installment. At the rate of ticket sales, however, it’ll probably prove to be a wise investment.

    The Avengers comes in at #3 on our list of superhero slots games. It stands to reason that part of the game’s attraction to our casino players is that it features not one superhero, like most of our other Marvel Comics-themed slot games, but a collection of some of the top superheroes ever assembled. That combined force catapulted The Avengers movie to the #1 ranking in terms of money brought in over its debut weekend, with an astounding $207 million+! It also boasts our list’s highest number of awards won and nominations garnered by a wide margin, with 19 and 53, respectively.

    One big surprise was Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin. It was the only film that took in 9-figures in its opening weekend that didn’t crack the top 10 of Titan Casino’s most popular superhero slots games list. The film also laid claim to a dozen awards among 44 that it was nominated for. Perhaps there’s a bit of a hole in spidey’s net which has failed to capture the attention of online casino players?

    Astute observers will notice that one Marvel Comics title that doesn’t even appear on our list is Wolverine. The Hugh Jackman-led flick just recently hit the theaters, while Titan Casino, in tandem released Wolverine slots. It’s still too soon to tell how far the most popular member of the X-Men team will climb the charts on his own, so time will tell if Wolverine will overtake most of the films and slot games on the list or if they’ll settle somewhere in the middle of the pack.

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