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  • Mr. Cash Back- A Slot Machine that Keeps Giving

    Published on January 29, 2014

    Here at Titan Casino it seems like every week there’s one special machine that goes crazy spewing away massive amounts of cash to any and all comers. Over this past week, February 12th-19th, that machine was without a doubt the Mr. Cash Back video slot machine. This entertaining and light-hearted video slot game has shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars straight into the pockets of many of our lucky players.

    The top recorded win thus far this week stands at a bit below €500,000. That’s a full half a million for one spin! And that’s not all, as six different players have won jackpots in the cool five figures as well this week for a grand total prize pool of €750,000 in winnings!

    The concept of Mr. Cash Back is a unique one and by that we mean that this darned machine will not stop rewarding anyone who plays it! In Mr. Cash Back there’s a reward waiting for nearly every action you make as well as a wide assortment of handsome jackpots being won on a daily basis!

    Let’s talk a bit about what you stand to gain with this machine. Free rounds? Just get three Mr. Cash Back symbols and you’ll be instantly rewarded with two free rounds of play. Multipliers? We’ve got those as well. The same symbol will garner you a 2X multiplier on all your free spins! Wild symbols? Score five and win 7,500X your line bet. What’s even cooler is that the wild symbols don’t simply disappear after one spin, rather they may remain for up to four proceeding spins inching you closer and closer each time to the grand win!

    But the feature that is most astounding in Mr. Cash Back is the free money back guarantee that comes with the machine. Yup that’s right! Free money back. For every line that doesn’t score, for 50 straight rounds, the player wins 50X the line wager! This is a welcome first in the world of online gaming and we hope you will enjoy all the benefits possible while playing this intensely rewarding video slot machine.

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