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  • What is live casino and how does it work?

    Published on September 24, 2015

    Have you ever wondered about how our live games work, or where our gorgeous dealers come from?
    Wonder no more – Titan Casino has answers, along with all you ever needed to know about live gaming and dealers. So what is ‘live casino’? Who are the people and technology behind it? Find out here: 

    1. Online live casino games use different technology

    This one may seem a bit obvious, but live games happen in real time, 24/7, playing with hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. As Playtech’s slogan goes, ‘Anytime, anywhere’ – live casino games can be played on any platform: laptop (Flash and Download clients) and mobile/tablets (HTML5 and Native in iOS and Android).

    The main difference to other online casino games is that there’s a lot of live casino technology - live games need a lot of setup in a studio: video, sound, lights, microphone, cards scanning, detection of roulette results, voice interaction with the dealer, to name just a few things. You don’t get THAT with normal gaming!

    2. It’s not that easy to become a Live Casino Dealer…

    Want to know how to become a live dealer? Live dealer work is fun, flexible and rewarding. It takes between 3-5 weeks to work in any position in a live dealer casino, and the same amount of time to train to be a live dealer casino babe in front of the camera.

    And that’s after:

    • You’ve learned all the games’ rules.
    • You’ve learned the chat rules.
    • You’ve learned all the procedures (card change, closing – opening tables, cleaning procedure,
      downtime etc.).
    • You’ve had English lessons with Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).
    • You’ve had chat rules lessons with CSR’s.
    • You’ve had entertainer lessons.
    • You’ve done a make up course.
    • You’ve had a photoshoot.
    • You’ve done a ‘live exposure’ round , in the studio, with bots and CSR chats.
    • You’ve learned additional procedures after going on real tables.
    • You’ve passed your final test – and received final approval from your Team Leader.

    3. Live Dealers come from all places…sort of…

    The live casino experience is a fun one, and all live dealers (as mentioned above) have to pass extensive English tests. But most aren’t actually from the native English speaking countries – around 65% are Latvian, and 35% are Russian. 15% are male and 85% are female. The average age is a very young 23.5!

    4. Live Dealer Online Casino hosts love their jobs!

    Live dealer 2 smiling at the camera Speaking to a few live dealers about live dealers games, the live dealer job and the live casino experience, everyone was overwhelmingly positive: Barbara told us that she loved, ‘Learning how to play Blackjack, so I could win every time when I play with my friends’, and that, ‘the live dealer position – the players, my colleagues, make my working days that much more fun!’. 
    Penelopa loved that she could speak in English all day long: ‘UK live casino means I’m talking in English, improving my English skills, not to be shy about my English! It’s great!’ Live dealer smiling at the camera

    5. The Future of Live Casino gaming looks exciting

    Future plans for live dealer games looks to be bigger and better, if that’s possible. Playtech are planning to add even more new games and side games soon. And, as technology develops, so will live dealer games technology – they will soon be playable on IPTV, smartwatches and the newer smartphones.



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